Best of France


Visiting: Paris, Caen, Loire Region, Amboise, Limoges, Bordeaux, Lourdes, Carcassone, Avignon, Aix-En-Provence, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Nice


★ 傲遊六大名堡: 楓丹白露宫、 聖米歇爾山修道院、克洛呂斯城堡、雪儂梭古堡、卡卡頌城堡及亞維濃教皇城。

★ 特別安排,首先於雪儂梭古堡區享用午餐;及後在另一葡萄產區~聖艾美倫,當地進膳並品嚐特產佳釀。

★ 增遊朝聖名城~"路德"及富豪集中地~"蒙特卡羅" 。

Perfect Complement

★ Admire the Fontainebleau, Mont Saint Michel, Le Clos de Luce, Chenonceau, Carcassonne, Avignon famous castles.

★ Lunch special arrangements, one served in Chenonceaux, the other one provided in Saint Emilion, with wine tasting.

★ Visiting a popular pilgrimage destination ~Lourdes, also the "Billionaires' Playground” ~Monte Carlo.


Day 1

原居地 ✈ 巴黎

Home City ✈ Paris


Depart from home city for Paris, the capital of France.

Day 2




住宿︰Holiday Inn Airport 或同級 (晚餐)

Paris as the most romantic city in the world, has art and museums, history on every corner and certainly the best French food and wine. Upon arrival at airport, transfer to hotel. (D)

Day 3

巴黎 ~ 楓丹白露鎮 ~ 剛城

Paris ~ Fontainebleau ~ Caen

自助式早餐後,驅車前往巴黎近郊小鎮~楓丹白露;而「楓丹白露」之法文原意為美麗的泉水。抵達後,參觀楓丹白露宮,是法國最大的王宫之一。多次被法國國王作為王宮或狩獵的行宮。興建始於12世紀,到了16 世紀被弗朗索瓦一世,大規模擴建,此時的宮殿,除原有的法國風格外,更融入了義大利文藝復興的裝飾元素;稱為「楓丹白露派」。午餐自備。餐後啟程北往剛城,在諾曼第區內排名第三。二戰期間飽歷戰火洗禮,大部份建築都變頹垣敗瓦。停留城內的修道院、教堂、古城堡欣賞外貌後,安排晚餐於當地餐廳。

住宿:Mercure Hotel或同級 (早、晚餐)

A morning visit is to The Palace of Fontainebleau, one of the largest French royal chateaux, a favorite residences and hunting lodge of many French kings. This castle blended Italian and French styles to create what is known as the School of Fontainebleau. Drive north to Caen, It is the 3rd largest municipality in all of Normandy region, destroying much of the city during the WWII in 1944. An orientation tour will be arranged upon arrival. (B/D)

Day 4

剛城 ~ D-Day諾曼第登陸地 ~ 聖米歇爾山 ~ 羅瓦爾區黎

Caen ~ D-Day Landing Beach ~ Mont Saint Michel ~ Loire Region


住宿:Mercure Hotel或同級 (早、晚餐)

Saint Laurent sur Mer in Normandy region is remembered as a historic place. The Western Allies of World War II launched the largest amphibious invasion in history when they attacked German positions, especially on Omaha Beach, the highest casualties occurred. The highlight of today is to find the most incredible views of this UNESCO World Heritage sight, listed in 1979. On the Southern coast of Normandy sits Mont Saint Michel, a craggy island nestled in a sandy tidal floodplain. The Romanesque-Gothic abbey complex is absolutely worth-seeing too. Continue to the Loire Valley region, for overnight. (B/D)

Day 5

羅瓦爾區 ~ 昂布瓦斯 ~ 雪儂梭古堡 ~ 林摩日

Loire Region ~ Amboise ~ Chenonceau ~ Limoges


住宿:Novotel Hotel或同級 (早、午餐)

Amboise is a major city where a guided tour is arranged inside the Chateau Du Clos Luce, a castle with the strong presence of the Renaissance. In 1516 Leonardo Da Vinci actually stationed in the King's castle and brought along with him three of his most favourite masterpieces, "Mona Lisa", "St. Anna" and "St. Baptiste". Next attraction is to Chateau de Chenonceau, the renowned "Fort on Bridge" in the Loire Valley Region, built in 1524 and known as the "Lady Castle". Viewed from the riverbank, the castle creates the perception that it actually floats on water. Lunch specially served in Chenonceaux. Proceed to Limoges, known for its decorated porcelain since 18thcentury. (B/L)

Day 6

林摩日 ~ 聖艾美倫 ~ 波爾多

Limoges ~ Saint Emilion ~ Bordeaux


住宿:Novotel Hotel或同級 (早、午餐)

Old Town, Cathedral St. Etienne, and City Hall are all included in the morning tour itinerary. All will then go through the Black Forest to Saint Emilion. It is a medieval town surrounded by famous wine forts, with the exotic reputation of "Hill of thousand wine". Special arrangements will be made for lunch and wine tasting. Afterwards, the tour will end up at Bordeaux, the center of a major wine-growing and wine-producing region. Immediately upon arrival will be a city tour, with picture stops at the Opera Theatre and Place des Quincones. (B/L)

Day 7

波爾多 ~ 比拉大沙丘 ~ 路德

Bordeaux ~ Pyla Dune ~ Lourdes

自助式早餐於酒店。餐後驅車前往鄰近大西洋海岸,觀看歐洲最大之比拉大沙丘,全長2700米。既能欣賞它的美麗特徵,又可同時眺望浩瀚的大西洋,已成為遊客所青睐。遊畢,前往路德。自備午餐。路德市之能舉世知名, 是源於1855年,聖母馬利亞曾多達18次在一個石窟顯現给尚未成年的牧羊少女伯爾納德,并指示她在洞下方的泉水,有治愈疾病的神迹。於是被廣傳及確認後,便成為朝聖地。今天朝聖行程,都是不容錯過的地點:路德聖母教堂、玫瑰經宗座聖殿、石窟、聖水浴池、路德城堡及舊城區等等。團友定能感受到聖城濃厚的氣氛。晚餐於酒店餐廳。

住宿:La Solitude Hotel或同級 (早、晚餐)

The Pyla Dune is the tallest sand dune in Europe and has an incredible panoramic view over the ocean. Then, drive to Lourdes, one of the world’s most important sites of pilgrimage and religious tourism. As in 1858, a young peasant girl named Bernadet Soubirous, claimed she had 18 encounters with the Virgin Mary, also told about the water from a spring in the Grotto of Massabielle believed to have healing powers. All can discover the site around Sanctuary Notre Dame and with stops at Massabielle grotto, Lourdes Baths, Basilica of the Rosary, Lourdes Castle and Old Town. (B/D)

Day 8

路德 ~ 卡卡頌 ~ 亞維濃

Lourdes ~ Carcassonne ~ Avignon


住宿:Mercure Hotel或同級 (早、晚餐)

Leave the holy land Lourdes for Carcassonne to see its renowned medieval citadel, dating back to the Gallo-Roman period. It has 46 watchtowers and double-walled fortifications, which has been added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1997. Later on, continue to Avignon for a brief tour and overnight. (B/D)

Day 9

亞維濃 ~ 埃克斯 ~ 康城

Avignon ~ Aix-En-Provence ~ Cannes

自助式早餐於酒店。安排進入亞維濃主教宮參觀。由於中世紀教皇克雷蒙五世因派系紛爭搬離羅馬而移居這裡主特教務,前後一共有七位教宗在此生活,故有教皇宮之稱。午餐自備。餐後前往曾為普羅旺斯省首府~埃克斯,欣賞古樸典雅的市容,暢遊埃克斯主教座堂、圓亭噴泉和米拉波大道。行程續往康城,每年電影節在此舉行,星光熠熠,不少傳媒,影圈中人均雲集於此。這個海濱城市就如同一部電影,備有各種迷人風景和氣氛,參予其中,盡情遊玩。晚餐於酒店餐廳。(註: 每年6月尾至7月中,薰衣草綻放的季節,更可安排自費節目前往欣賞。)

住宿:Hotel Montaigne或同級 (早、晚餐)

Further explore this city and by special arrangement, all can visit the Bishop's Palace. Afterwards, proceed to Aix-En-Provence, once the capital of Provence with visits to include the Cathedral St. Sauveur, Fontaine de la Rotonde, Cours Mirabeau, etc.... Next visit is Cannes, a resort town on the French Riviera, is famous for its film festival. (Note: During late June till Mid July, an optional tour to visit Lavender farm & museum will be offered.) (B/D)

Day 10

康城 ~ 蒙地卡羅 ~ 尼斯

Cannes ~ Monte Carlo ~ Nice


住宿:Novotel Airport或同級 (早、晚餐)

Coach to Monaco where the Royal Square and the world-renowned casino in Monte Carlo will record the footsteps of all. Return to Nice for a brief local tour, leisurely walk along the beach or enjoy free time for shopping. A typical dinner, high-lighted by French escargot will be served. (B/D)

Day 11

尼斯 ✈ 原居地

Nice ✈ Home City

自助式早餐後,於指定時間乘車往機場飛返原居地。 (早餐)

At designated time, we will transfer you to airport and wish you a pleasant homeward flight. (B)